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I must apologize for the rough quality and total lack of consistency and also for myself being rotten to the core.

It was a really fun livestream though! I really enjoyed drawing these! So I’m posting them as a thank you to all the people that come to chat a bit with me. I always have a good time!

One of the first things people usually ask me is, “Gabourey, how are you so confident?” I hate that. I always wonder if that’s the first thing they ask Rihanna when they meet her. “RiRi! How are you so confident?” Nope. No. No. But me? They ask me with that same incredulous disbelief every single time. “You seem so confident! How is that?” (…) If I hadn’t been told I was garbage, I wouldn’t have learned how to show people I’m talented. And if everyone had always laughed at my jokes, I wouldn’t have figured out how to be so funny. If they hadn’t told me I was ugly, I never would have searched for my beauty. And if they hadn’t tried to break me down, I wouldn’t know that I’m unbreakable.  So when you ask me how I’m so confident, I know what you’re really asking me: how could someone like me be confident? Go ask Rihanna, asshole! - Gabourey Sidibe

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Your Body Is Beautiful And You Are A G o d d e s s 

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Yaaaas! Who mad tho? She looked great. That shimmer to the dress is LIFE and perfect contrast against her gorgeous skin. It looks great on her body, a body she talks about loving. And she really did just shade all the haters, with her joy. So again I ask, who mad tho? Bwahahaha. Stay fabulous Gabourey. 


MARVEL MEME » 7 Relationships » Wade Wilson & Emily Preston

"Seriously, what are you doing?"
"I’m taking out a little insurance."
"That’s not what you call your dongle, right?"


Death doesn't happen to you, it happens to everyone around you.



Maybe people wouldn’t be so annoyed with Milo Manara’s “Spider-Woman” #1 variant cover if every series got overtly sexy variant covers—not just the ones with female leads.

This is a world I want to live in.

hear hear



Ms Marvel (2014) #7

Hey hey I drew that!

Ms Marvel 07 is waiting for you in your Local Comic Shop. I drew the pictures, Ian Herring brought the color, G. Willow Wilson wrote the words and Sana Amanat made it all happen.

This issue concludes my little run on Ms Marvel. It was a pleasure and a privilege to be able to work with the brilliant folks who make this book every month, and to contribute what little I can to this character so early in her career.

I love this book.

Kamala is a big deal. Her success, the book’s multiple printings, the wonderful fans that have rallied around it, all of these things tell the story of the change happening in and around comics right now. It’s such an optimistic story, and I love that I got to lend a little ink to it. Thanks to Sana for letting me be a part of this, thanks to Willow for making it SO FUN, to Ian for making me look so much better than I am. And thanks to Kamala’s fans for letting me hang out in their clubhouse for a few months. Y’all have been great company.


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Marvel Comics Meme | Five Costumes (4/5) ➻ Phoenix Namor

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The truly inspiring story of the Chinese rubbish collector who saved and raised THIRTY babies abandoned at the roadside

A woman has been hailed a hero after details of her astonishing work with abandoned children has emerged.

Lou Xiaoying, now 88 and suffering from kidney failure, found and raised more than 30 abandoned Chinese babies from the streets of Jinhua, in the eastern Zhejiang province where she managed to make a living by recycling rubbish.

She and her late husband Li Zin, who died 17 years ago, kept four of the children and passed the others onto friends and family to start new lives.

Her youngest son Zhang Qilin - now aged just seven - was found in a dustbin by Lou when she was 82.

‘Even though I was already getting old I could not simply ignore the baby and leave him to die in the trash. He looked so sweet and so needy. I had to take him home with me,’ she said.

Full story

Why doesn’t this have more notes?
This woman is nothing short of an angel.

She has so little and gives so much, and organizations such as the government and school systems won’t do anything for this cause.
I am at loss of words at this lady’s sacrifice.

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More Disney Parks facts here


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When The Media Treats White Suspects And Killers Better Than Black Victicms.










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"It has nothing to do with race"

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My girlfriend brought me a bunch of roses for our anniversary.She thought there was some horrible irony in bringing me pictures of other attractive ladies (and guns n roses vocalists), I reckon it was metal as hell bringing me other the heads of other women like trophies.Top tier GF.


My girlfriend brought me a bunch of roses for our anniversary.

She thought there was some horrible irony in bringing me pictures of other attractive ladies (and guns n roses vocalists), I reckon it was metal as hell bringing me other the heads of other women like trophies.

Top tier GF.

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